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Explanation of How Revisions are Managed


Every time you edit a page a new revision is created. To view all revisions of a page simply click on the View other revisions link below each page. You can always go back to a previous revision by simply choosing that revision, edit it and save it.


Looking at the address bar of your browser you can see the name of this Wiki Page. When viewing a previous revision of this page you'll see the URL looks something like this:
clicking on this link would show revision 2 of the page Help On Revisions.


To show the changes between revisions of a page you can use the following parameters to control the output:

  • a : must have value diff
  • difffrom : the first revision to consider (default is 0)
  • diffto : the last revision to consider (default is the current revision)
  • diff : type of difference (default is 0)
    • 0 = show difference of previous major revision relative to diffto
    • 1 = show difference of previous minor revision relative to diffto
    • 2 = show difference of previous author edit relative to diffto

Recent Changes

When editing a page you can use a checkbox labeled "Include page in Recent Changes list.".

If you check this box and save the page then the page will be marked as a "major" revision and will show up in the default listing of Recent Changes.

If you uncheck this box and save the page then the page will be marked as a "minor" revision and not show up in the default listing of Recent Changes.

It is possible to view all recent changes including minor edits, or even to view only minor edits and no major edits. The parameter filter is used to control this aspect:

  • filter=1 : show only major edits (is the default)
  • filter=2 : show only minor edits
  • filter=3 : show major and minor edits

Other parameters to control the recent changes output are:

  • days : show only recentchanges of the last days
  • max : show a maximum of max recent changes

E.g. shows a maximum of 30 recent changes in the last 60 days, showing major and minor edits.

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Edited March 17, 2002